Mermaid Season

Caroline | Adult | GermanyHello there! Glad to see you found my page.To summarize:
I'm an artist | I make edits and gifs | And I will simp for my faves and ships
It's nice to meet new people and if you can put up with my shenanigans, then we can get along just fine.Fair warning that I do sometimes make content of questionable nature, so proceed with caution.
Otherwise, just block me. It will save for both of us time.
With that being that:
What questionable thing I draw in fiction does NOT mean I tolerate it in real life

Why this loser fish?


I have more social media pages than these here. But in case something goes wrong, I would like to hide through others until the storm calms down.

Why this loser fish?

Faves and Ships

Other ships I like (no order)OsoKara / KaraOso
Seiji x Megumi
Riku x Sora / Soriku